From Bose to Infinity we have the audio wiring diagrams for almost all cars. They will be useful when installing an aftermarket radio, sound stereo system, or other automotive accessories. Make sure to grab the appropriate tools to test all the wires. Please check it over and use it as a GUIDE to help you locate the appropriate wires. This schematic is provided free of charge and may not be 100% accurate. Failure to properly test all the wires may lead to vehicle or bodily damage. All information is provided as-is and accuracy is not guaranteed.

If you find any conflicting info please leave a comment with what you found in your Land Rover Discovery. If you don’t see the wiring diagram you need comment and we will try to add it ASAP. Thanks for looking!

Keep in mind if you are installing a new radio you may need the radio removal  keys, the wiring harness, the antenna adapter, and the mounting kit as well.

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  1. I have a 2014 Outback that came with a Harmon Kardon stereo, model #86201AJ65A. I just installed an S160 Android Nav unit and everything works perfect, except there’s NO sound. On the included harness is an “AMP-C” wire that’s supposed to go to the “System Control” (?), or power on/off wire of the amp under the passenger seat. I don’t know which wire that is. Can you assist in any way?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello. SOrry for the delayed response hope you figured it out by now but if you didn’t you should connect that to the pink wire in pin 23 in the 24 pin connector at the radio – not the main radio plug though.

  2. Thank you so much. Trying to save money around every corner, this information really was helpful.

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