Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Bypass Radio Parking Brake Bypass NEX Break Override

Here is the info for bypassing the parking brake lockout on the Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX. It will be useful when installing an aftermarket radio, sound stereo system, or other automotive accessories. Make sure to grab the appropriate tools to test all the wires. Please check it over and use it as a GUIDE to help you locate the appropriate wires. Failure to properly test all the wires may lead to vehicle or bodily damage. This schematic is provided free of charge and may not be 100% accurate. All information is provided as-is and accuracy is not guaranteed. This information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used while driving.

Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Radio Parking Brake Bypass NEX Break Override
Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Bypass Radio Parking Brake Bypass NEX Break Override

If you find any conflicting info please leave a comment with what you found with your AVIC 7100NEX AVIC-7100NEX Pioneer Radio. If you don’t see the audio radio wiring diagram you need comment and we will try to add it ASAP. Thanks for looking!

DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! No parts needed!

1. Ground the light green parking brake wire.

2. Turn the radio on and push the center menu button on the bottom.

3. Hit the AV icon button.

4. Hit the OFF icon from the AV screen.

5. Push and hold your finger on the bottom left of the screen about a half inch up and a half inch in for about 15 seconds or until you see a black box popup that says “Set On”

Once that black box pops up you are done!

3 thoughts on “Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Bypass Radio Parking Brake Bypass NEX Break Override”

  1. I tried this method (also seen elsewhere): light green parking brake wire grounded to chassis, “Set On” steps successful. But Android Auto still shows a message on the Pioneer still says” Android Auto unavailable…please try again when it is safe and lawful to do so”. I assume this is due to not sensing the parking brake – anyone else with this problem?

    1. Discovered I was getting this message because the phone was not connecting to bluetooth. Works great with this bypass now.

  2. On my 7100 I have to Wait until off comes up or I can not drive and have a DVDs playing. I had 7100 installed professionally and yes they grounded green wire. They took receiver back out to make sure ground was ok.

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